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The Pedestal

There is a view of reality from up here
and I beg the birds to swoop
some down to you, silently
through painted eyes.

They fly your perimeter,
mocking my prison that you lovingly built. Whispering,
squawking, haunting my true self.

She has the saddest green eyes that bleed with a
trickling tears of knowledge
back down to you.

Your imagery remains unstained
as they’re consumed, that merciless
wind, drop by drop. Gone.
Eternally never yours.

She is dying.

She’s fucking dying.

Slowly, horrifically.

And I am too high, too
busy twirling for you, in time to your
mechanical music, to be able to
perform a miracle


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    • Oh no. I know you are about to pick on me đŸ™‚

      Dare I ask…why?

    • Why do you think I’m this bully who picks on people? What are you, a moron? đŸ˜‰

      • Well there was the recent ear bashing. đŸ™‚
        I appreciate what you said. Made me geek out and do an air punch.

      • I wasn’t bashing your ear! I was complimenting the happy accident! Stop being so bloody sensitive! And exclamation! Exclamation! !!! !!!!! !!!!!! Yeah! And how is bloody a swear word! I don’t know!

        sorry, cold meds.

      • Ha, I’m not so sensitive, it’s my blog and I can cry if I want to đŸ™‚
        Maybe…just maybe I assumed that you weren’t reading my content before and just teasing me (in good humour, I might add) I am just a little impressed by your unexpected comment. It is exactly what I wanted to invoke. Yes!

        Being a geek again. Sorry.

      • I read everything I comment on. And in your case, I also look at the pictures. You’re a good poetryist. The facet of my personality that isn’t an immature charlatan completely appreciates good poetry. Has maybe even (gasp) written some. Poetry, that is. Not necessarily good. Actually, I’ve written some intentionally bad poetry, the ‘so bad it’s good kind of…

        Anyway, enough about me. What do YOU think of me?

      • That is good to know.

        Don’t you hate it when people say that? I really hate it. I take it back. I’m glad I was wrong and apologise (oh god, where’s Oprah?)

        Like I said on your blog; I do find you a bit of an enigma. I often don’t know what is going on, or at least I am perplexed. Maybe you are entropic. I am still trying to work it all out.

        I think I’m team Edward.

      • My blog doesn’t have any one theme. And when I do something comedic, it’s usually a left turn or a pun, or just absurd. I say things with a straight face. Like when I asked if you were a moron. Since that was the first time, I added the smiley, but next time I probably won’t. This is how I get the reputation of “loveable asshole” – because I do this to people I like, but when someone else does it, I go thrash that someone. And when it’s time to be serious, I am serious.

        Also, I just made chicken and dumplings from scratch whilst on cold medicine, simultaneously baking the remainder of the chicken in the oven. It’s delicious.

      • Loveable asshole đŸ™‚

        Okay, I’m getting it, I just need to expect the unexpected.

        Not a fan of dumplings, although I don’t remember trying them….

      • Expect the unexpected, even if it’s expected. And just when you expect something unexpected, something expected will unexpectedly turn up. Wow, that sounded like something someone sitting on top of a mountain would say. Because of frostbite.

      • Have you seen a film called, Naked by Mike Leigh? Watch it.

      • I will see if it’s on Netflix. I would recommend The Fountain for you, but it’s more like watching a feeling or a dream than a movie.

      • Well, that may well appeal to me. The film I suggested popped into my head, when I read your words. It’s amazing.

      • Oh, look – Professor Lupin is in it.

  1. I don’t think there are any miracles, are there?

    • I think, in a time of darkness and desperation, when a person is drowning in their own world…well, that’s all there is. At least, the hope for a miracle, anyway.
      That’s what I wanted to convey; her being too engulfed in the situation, to even have that; to contemplate her fantasy of hope.


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