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Me, My Voice and I

I’ve recorded an audio of my recent poem, ‘Send In The Clowns.’ (I tried to do that posh thing of making it blue so that you can click on it, but nothing worked and I was one step from launching this laptop through the window.)


Anyway.  Below is my poem brought to life,  if you like.  It’s just me,  reading what I wrote as I heard it in my head.  This isn’t something that I’d usually do as I think it’s nice for the Reader to give it their own feeling and to make their own sense out of it…but I was turned by a couple of posts, by another Blogger. (Again; I don’t know how to do the blue thing) had posted a wonderful poem called, ‘A Winged Dream’, both written and in audio and I was so fascinated with the difference in feeling that I had in first reading, then hearing it.

This is by no means the most popular of my poems, it actually didn’t do so well here but that is the exact reason that I chose it.

Give it a play, see what you think.  Did you hear it as I did?

It really does fascinate me, no end.   I bloody love words 🙂

Hope you enjoy. Oh and no picking on my voice.  Eddie, especially.

Send In The Clowns.

Roll up roll up!

your sleeves

Ladies and Gentleman!

The Circus is your town

you and I and everyone else.

Catch this                                     go!

and take it and run that tight rope

that we call life.

And don’t you worry, I still

have many thrills

and spills as I drop my loads

for your amusement

delectable dalliances with acrobatic

antics and the tears of a clown.

Yes!  Send in the Clowns!

Give them a burden or three,

such joviality!

unrequired by my Troupe

for the same lines, be etched upon their skin

under all that pretense and glory.


The Ringmaster beckons us forward,

A masterclass in the survival of

death-defying stunts is about to

erupt from the mouths of babes

and I for one

could do with that life lesson.

And another!  Take it!  Own it.


I am sick of being the Juggler!

This show has well and truly started

and you, my friend

are the Tamer of Lions.

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Gin and Tulips; The home of the frolicking G&T Lovers. Come in, pull up a comfy seat and make yourself at home. And if you like it. Join us.

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  1. Please please please post the words do. Love your voice and the pace at which you read this, it’s wonderful and musical and I want to hear it in my head too.

    • Hi Trent, I thought it may have been read too quickly…but it felt right, talking, juggling life, throwing the balls. It was meant to be a little…fractious. In my mind anyway.
      I let myself down with my tech knowledge but you can read it by clicking on it, on the right hand side of my home page. It’s called ‘Send In The Clowns’ and is one of my most recent ones. I’ll add it underneath the audio too.

      • I thought it was perfect, almost like spoken word. Plus I love the accent, it’s awesome. I’ll look for the written version.

      • I think it could have been an octave lower 🙂 but thank you for being so kind. Ha, where are you from, Trent? This accent is two-a-penny, in these parts. I’ve added the write up under the audio, for ease. Thanks, Sarah.

      • I can’t remember if I answered you… I’m from Canada but born and raised in England.

      • Oh, I see. Dying to get to Canada, I have some long lost family out there…

      • It’s a beautiful country. East and west coast are the best parts, or the north; central is a bit boring. But the people are bang on awesome everywhere!

      • Yeah, I’ve encountered quite a few Canadians during my travels and have had a real laugh, one comes to mind in particular. A very funny lady that had me in bulk, over her disgust at black pudding. But yes, I’d like to get out there someday. Fingers crossed!

  2. This is such a great interpretation. Funny, when I read it before you’d done this, I’d heard it slow, a bit sad. Not quite a dirge, but along those lines. The reading is more… almost sarcastic. There’s passionate anger there, just barely restrained. You’re sick of it, and done with it. Gave a whole new layer to the piece, which I loved.

    • I definitely wasn’t thinking dirge when I wrote it. Sarcastic…yes. You do this and wonder, ‘how many other pieces have I not managed to express as I wished?’ I do like the ambiguity though, the different interpretations are what interest me most. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and for the inspiration 🙂 And sorry I couldn’t work out how to make your name blue!

  3. A very strong presentation.

  4. Wow! Your British accent is nearly as good as mine! Honestly, I read this in my head (as you) with a more sarcastic and cynical tone. Along the lines of “oh sure, life’s a circus alright.” Your voice was pretty close to how I imagined it! So, brilliant.

  5. Nineteenfifteen

    My goodness, your voice. It’s perfect.
    I adore the pace, timing, and confidence in this. Please, do another.

  6. I can’t read this in my head as well as you do aloud! And forgive, but my british accent is long long gone, so can’t replicate. Will try again – faster this time. I like the speed, it’s like catching your breath on a motorcycle.

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