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Directional Rewind.

Yes, just around the corner. Come.
I’ll show you.

…I’d love to.


Just, taking a walk…why’d you ask?


Oh, no problem.

Take the road, erm…
fourth on your left and
you’ll see it about half way.
I think.

Where are you going?

I am, believe it or not…just terrible with directions.

Erm….hold on


Hi –


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Gin and Tulips; The home of the frolicking G&T Lovers. Come in, pull up a comfy seat and make yourself at home. And if you like it. Join us.

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  1. This sounded like one half of a phone conversation. In case you were wondering, it also reads well if you start at the bottom and go up. It actually makes sense if you read it randomly. How did you do that?

    • Ha, Edward that made me laugh. I realise it is readable in various directions. I did it with my mind, cue the spooky music šŸ™‚ Haha.

      Glad it worked!

      • Your mind? Interesting. Could you unbake me a cake? Ha ha. This was either extremely well thought out, or you are demented. No, wait – there’s no reason it couldn’t be both. šŸ˜‰

      • I’ll play with words but baking is seriously out of my jurisdiction. You never want to try, even my unbaked ones.
        Ha, I was just scribbling the idea out between games of hungry hippo. I wasn’t sure if people would get it but yay!

      • Just when I thought I understood you, you whip out Hungry Hippo. You keep it interesting!

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