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Murdering Altruism

Walking the streets of Boston
good will hunting
he begs for a soul to save.

He’s an addict.

Intravenously feeding
off intrinsic

In twilight hours
as the glory fades,
his starvation strikes.

The hunger
for self gratification
via charity balls and dinners.

He smells it whilst straightening
his tie, sniffing out a crisis
like blood desired.

He runs with resolution,
excited by the promise
of his methadrone.

High.  Drunk on
his own selflessness.
He stands in euphoria.

Murdering altruism.


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  1. I have pondererd altuism to the point that I defined selfish altruism and became the altrufish.. Still not quite sure what it means, above being human and fortunate enough to have enough left to give to get some back and to end the massive negative cycles.. Your poem refreshes me on this.. Thanks..

    • Me too! I think I’ve decided that no act can ever truly be altruistic…unless maybe it ends in the death of the altruist. An even then…I am still unsure. Maybe if the altruist is an atheist? I’m doing it again. I’m glad it is as mind boggling for you as it is for me!

      • I think looking at the difference between selfish and selfull is perhaps more purposeful. A deed done that leaves you feeling good because it benefits someone else should be I think seen as fullfilling one’s self perhaps which should not be seen as a negative thing.. I guess it is all semantics and motives at the end of the day…

    • Oh indeed, it is never a negative thing. I suppose I was interested in the principle idea of it; whether it could ever actually be achieved. And this poem was born, once I decided how I felt about it.

  2. Scripture warns us: if we give so we can be seen, we have our reward (being seen) but if we do it secretly, our reward is laid up in heaven. But then, some poor souls don’t read it, don’t know it or don’t want to believe it might be true. You have a way with words, girl!

    • I still have a problem with a secret act being altruistic. What about self gratification? That warm feeling from doing something good. It’s food for thought, is altruism. Thank you for the compliment 🙂

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