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I am the slithers of suggestion, drizzled drip by drip
drenching consciousness with

I am the fire that ferments deep in the darkest parts
of your person, lighting the fuse.
Stimulating your power.

I am a warrior fighting abstinence.
Poisoning you
with tickling intoxication.

And I am blood.
Swelling the senses
with a delicious, viscous temptation.

The whisper of arousal at your ear,
I am sensuality.
Talking in tongues . Fantasy
infiltrating reality


I am the hunger in your eyes.
The greed.
Your need for satisfaction.


I am.


**This was written as a voice and to that end, I decided to record it as a spoken piece. Check out my post, Introducing…In Audio, here:
introducing…in audio

Or don’t! I hate to rob a reader of interpretation.

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  1. Shall I steal this for Romantic Monday? It certainly fits inside well and snug.

    • Do you think? I don’t see it as romantic at all. You can though, if it fits your purpose. But if I had to write about romance, this wouldn’t be it. Something softer, perhaps…

      • Okay, I’ll respect that. Also, I forgot to steal it. So, will you write something for next Monday? Please?

      • Okay I will try my best to come up with something…I just post a link?

      • Yes! Make a comment with the link, and then I’ll add it to the post itself, and of course I would want everyone else to add all the links to their posts too. The idea is romance, yes, but also to get lots of people to read lots of posts on lots of blogs that they might not have normally read, and promote romantic blogginess, or something more eloquently stated.

        To be honest, I saw it as being at the sexual or erotic end of romance.

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