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I’m Just, Saying.

Her beauty was only as deep as her skin

but that it could be seen, in the eyes

of those that beheld her, was of comfort.

Time had been unkind, refusing to wait for

her man. It should have known that

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

as she served up her best dish of revenge,


She suffered terrible burns after fiddling with the fire,

making her flee the kitchen.

The heat was intolerable.

So, licking her wounds, she went for a change as she needed

a rest; sat at her window seat, admiring

the neighbour’s lawn, through the fence.

Her dog lay sleeping, which she let lie

on her own grass, knowing that it

had past the age of learning anything new.

But that didn’t matter because she was

content in the knowledge that every single

one of them has their day. God only knows

when. But knowing that, allowed her to sleep

like a baby. And it was in that sleep that

her dream came. From the mouth of

that babe that she copied, she was told about the

value of the little robin redbreast,

cuddled up in her hand. He was of gold

to his two silver brothers, chirping from

the rhododendron, outside the window.

She smiled. Stared at the little bird, allowing

him to look through her own windows and

see her soul.

He also saw her heart and made it his home but she

didn’t mind because she knew it was better to


Just as long as it ends well, she thought…

Then all will be well.

So she lived. And let live.


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