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On saying nothing

Sometimes I have nothing to say
Nothing of any relevance
or beauty, anyway.

Some say silence says it all
but then break it with
knowing tongues.

Mine –

A muscle of no such strength
to partake
in the forsaking
of quiet.

But then, that said, what if
I am wrong?

Is to be strong,
Learn nothing from the
and spout
a thousand ill words
that leave
ears, battered and bruised?

I’ll sit here surrounded
by the emptiness

Try to work it all out.


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  1. For someone who says nothing, you have something to say I think. And you do it so well. I like this line, “A muscle of no such strength”. Awesome bit, GT.

    • Ha, was that like, ‘shut up woman and pour me a whiskey?’ You are too kind to me, Trent.

      • Hey GT, I am not drinking at moment – it is 11:15 in the morning! But I do love it when people pour me drinks. I have been a bartender before actually, so I like to pour for others too. Not being kind by the way – I don’t have a kind bone in my body. I like your writing, is all.

      • Time is what you make of it. I feel I am pushing you towards alcoholism and I don’t want that on my conscience…I think you should abstain until Christmas. I’m sure you are fibbing about the kindness…but I like the compliment. So please, carry on being unkind but liking my work. Unless you start to unlike it…then you should practise the art of kindness. Did any of that make sense? Too lazy to read it over. Never mind.

  2. Ever wonder why we have a “moment of silence” to show respect, why “Silence is Golden”, why “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” (Lincoln)? I dont feel silence necessarily shows unconcern although I’m sure at times my wife has thought so…but I’ve learned a hug and a kiss to the top of the head can fix that…most of the time. Maybe, everyone (not me) communicates digitally, texting etc because they really relish the silence and the Off button? See you have the option to read these randon musing or not and dont have to contend with my nasally southern drawl. I dont know where all this came from…I usually dont say much! Leo

    • I couldn’t agree more…The line that you refer to was actually questioning if there is strength, in being indifferent to what silence has to say. I suppose this piece is slightly scathing….

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