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A Little Bedtime Story

Somewhere in the sky
nestled between the stars
that litter darkness with light,
is a watchtower.

A monkey and an organ grinder
wear military threads
and walk its perimeter,
Keeping safe
the gemstones of the earth
too bright for our eyes.

These gems knit maps
of lives and futures; needles
tap, tap, tap to the sound
of destiny –

Perfect maps travel
on the backs of sparrows,
tied with knowledge and
best wishes,
leaving trails of magic in the
bursts of wings.

The little
inconspicuous sparrow
delivers to the obedient
dormouse –
wrapping a tale of time
in a tail of strength

And watch him scurry;
carefully crafting a handover
from mice to men,
so that dreams may
at the end of sleep.


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Gin and Tulips; The home of the frolicking G&T Lovers. Come in, pull up a comfy seat and make yourself at home. And if you like it. Join us.

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  1. Really liked the maps on the backs of sparrows.

  2. That;s so grand! A little blakean bedtime story.

  3. This poem is simply adorable. I love every well crafted verse, particularly the end of the fourth stanza (leaving trails of magic in the bursts of wings) but my favourite is “Wrapping a tale of time in a tail of strength.” Such a cute metaphor that completely fits in and compliments the nature of a little dormouse. I’m archiving this one, love it!

    • Ha, glad you liked it! This was fun to write…

      • I really did like it alot, I find that the best poetry always makes my brain feel warm and fuzzy when I read it. It’s like the words are weaving their magic and stimulating my thought processes, almost tickling them in to action.

        I also saw in another post that you participate in a Writers’ Group, which is encouraging to see, I belong to one too. I thought the prospect of reading out my work was daunting when I first went there a few months ago but the creativity that they inspire and the goals that they help drive you to are life enhancing. As Neil Gaiman says – “Make Good Art” to which I add “and continue to share it with others to make their lives more colourful, passionate and interesting”.

        Writer’s Groups can help you to make good art even better! Plus don’t give absolutely everything away for free, that does not make good business sense – that’s why I go to Novel & Scriptwriting Groups in my Writer’s Circle too! Since your poems are great pieces, you could always make collections of them too, that’s what I’m going to do with mine!

      • I think as long as poetry makes you think or feel something…it is worth the read.

        I am involved with a Writer’s Group at the moment…but for a script I’m working on; the poetry doesn’t go there. It’s going well for me.

      • Glad to hear it – sincerely hope you, your work and your endeavours get the recognition they deserve.

      • Thank you for being so kind. It really is appreciated.

      • You’re very welcome – I love encouraging and supporting talented people, it is my raison d’ĂŞtre! 🙂

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