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Nineteen Nymphs and a Virgin

Bang the drum and she
will come

nineteen nymphs in a row
but you want the virgin;

touched, never kissed.

The rougest of lips

bite down at your tongue
in your sleep.

You wake up and you bleed
with a warning.

Morning delight scorching your

but she’s not there

not in those loveless arms, that try
to remember lost causes

lost hearts.

Not even the dreamiest of dreams…

She’s jiust a puppet with pretty eyes.

And will always dance.

For you.


About GinAndTulips

Gin and Tulips; The home of the frolicking G&T Lovers. Come in, pull up a comfy seat and make yourself at home. And if you like it. Join us.

10 responses »

  1. Good perspective. Great poem.

  2. Owwwwwie, this is powerful!

  3. That’s some serious spittle, G&T. Very creative, and pretty forceful, makes for some great images.

  4. That’s a view from both sides of the bed.


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