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Evening calls.  I like the way

the sky looks as the sun

falls down, around the City.

There’s a boy wearing make up

and he looks pretty – drawing the scene

that slowly dissipates to black.

But it’s never real blackness, is it?

Just a temporary blinding that leaves

the mind free to see what

was shiny, before.

A Tom cat hissing, heckling my

dress for its colour.

It’s not what it seems, little one

Nothing is ever as it seems.

He raises a claw and I’m bleeding

Recalling my last tetanus

I hear screaming – the boy wearing 

make up, he’s seething

as the sun comes up before he could 

paint me in


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Gin and Tulips; The home of the frolicking G&T Lovers. Come in, pull up a comfy seat and make yourself at home. And if you like it. Join us.

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  1. I’ve always liked your stuff.


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