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I’m always writing myself

Creating something

Erasing the lines made in error

Concentrating on the definition

I like grey scale 

and colour combined

And perfume – perfume all over the page

One day

One day dude, I’ll be a fucking 



Right Hand Down

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I’ve broken the upper part of my humerus but let me tell you…there’s not much funny about it.

After falling down a flight of stairs, I am left sore and melancholic…missing the freedom of having all limbs fully functioning. Luckily I can type but my guitar is stuck on its stand and I have travel plans that this is going to hinder.

So this is me venting.

It’s raining, I’m feeling all sorry for myself and am thoroughly fed up.

Moral of the story, people – don’t rush down the stairs to answer your door, wearing cheapo socks.

Summer Lovin’

I like swimming in the sea
when it’s raining

Fly a kite on the beach
as you watch over and
work out how to keep me

But I’m too busy wondering where
the wind will blow
to ever allow you my secrets

Drink sangria

There is always a tomorrow whilst
you’re breathing
and who knows

Perhaps I’ll stop for a while
and fill you in

Unfruitful Thoughts

I don’t know how to make

so I suck them

and become more
bitter by the day

Waking Beauty

You look so handsome
when you wear that smile – the one
unfolded in the folds
of sheets
as I open my eyes

Consideration of keeping us
creeps with the beat of rain
at the window
and I am tempted to watch you sleep
for a time

Perhaps it is a fear of falling
that finds my feet wrapped
in the leather of boots; firm to the floor
before I quietly close
the door on contemplation – leaving
memories on your
as a note, goodbye

Le Cirque De L’idiotie

I walked on feathers
made of glass, and
blinded by beauty
I danced.
Bleeding foolishness – it
fell from my skin
and as I twirled in
ignorant bliss
I bled
drip by drip – drowning the dancer
drawing a clown
for all myself to see
The main attraction, the star of
the show
at Le Cirque De L’idiotie

Goodnight Seamus Heaney

Just heard about the death of the wonderful Poet, Seamus Heaney. Loved his beautiful words…they’ll live forever. If you have never read his works, I urge you to look him up.
Rest in peace old man…what a life.