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The Agricultural Engineer

I have a story in an old shoe box
and I leave it to spin out
all the time

A heart ache framed in that trusty old-schooled ink and it bleeds
like a bruise
on tattooed thighs

I’m stood with a blush of pink insincerity
and i find that I cannot tell a lie

You see, like a bird
like a falcon way up high
and you breathe like a new born
swimming child

You teach
with the wisdom of an ancient rested soul
and I want to be near you all the time

There’s a key in the garden where you fall asleep at night
there’s a lock hidden there under
the chime

But the wind is howling haunted
and it leaves you feeling blind
and you can’t
remember how to tell the time

It’s written in the kitchen, right there underneath the clock
There’s a sink full of truths I can’t deny

But you walk through the hall in those dirty, old work boots
leaving marks on my floor and on my life

A sidewards smile holds a cigarette, alight

The dirty, honest dishes
left behind


Love, Bottled

Do you dance through the evening 

with a beauty in your arms?

Perhaps those arms are feeling 

that bit colder

I remember all those nights – the wine

glass after glass and all that


as we strolled way past tipsy

And I still visit tipsy more than

now and then

And I find I still have myself 

a grand, old time

But it is only when I wander way down 

past that post, that I find you again

As I curl up on that same old sofa 

we so often did frequent

And there are moments that I meet you

through my own drunken demise

Other times, I hear you and your 

northern beats

Whispering real warmth – 


safely wrapped up in the dark

Tranquility. Contentment at its best

But when I wake and feel the sun

beating down on my hungover, bee stung 

eyes and remember

how you are somewhere now

Resting, without me

The feeling of the night before 

befits the feeling of right here

Without you 

Home is no longer where your heart is 

Too sentimental

Robotic kindness and mechanical smiles


Eyes alone, without denial

And I wonder

If I could change the game, the race

Would I bother? Would I leave this haunted place.

You know I get that beating rhythm in my ear

when I lie down here to sleep

It thunders through the walls and I am left in a thousand tiny 


Without you

This heart is no home without you

Since you changed the locks and gave away the keys


Posted on

I wish you were leaving
like love on a push bike
and taking my old self

Riding the future
with my old spun kisses
stole from a drawer
and then framed

You talk of tomorrow
like you are all seeing
but I see the cracks
that you pave

So go ride with courage
I’ll give you some money
to keep me from me

Sunshine safe

Kiss Me Deadly

I like the feel of your lips
The way they tease and they tighten
the grip
on my soul
Lose control
I like the feel of your skin
Roll the dice, pour a
tonic and gin
and I’m yours
All yours
Take me down to that place by
the river
I like the way that you feel
when you shiver
and lock me in warmth I had never
considered before
Take me down, turn me on
get a glimmer
Just a taste of what I have to
I’m not wanting a half
I am whole and don’t need
It’s late
Kiss me deadly and I am all yours

The Goodbye Thief

God bless the Goodbye Thief
as he rides the buses;
dreaded kisses and
keeping eyelashes dry.

Who am I
to exercise right?
Make a citizen’s arrest
and deny
his quest to protect

Play a guitar, he said.
Play it – fix it; strum it again.
The same old same old song
that never ends.

That’s when he smiled –
picked my pocket and
stashed with a plec

the final notes taken, but
left me with the best.
The same old same old song

the goodbye note – gone.
Wrapped in anecdote…

from a friend.