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I spend most times, locked up with myself
in a crowd of people

Hearing lines of pearled words and wishing they were precious

I like you.

You draw me out

And I listen


Physically perplexed.

My friend Newton
had a theory
that clearly
I’d fallen for you.

I told him
how science scared me.
That words were what
I was about.

He said it’s not
just physicality.
Explained the force of gravity.
Attraction and its pull.

”But I don’t want to fall.”,
I told him,
and he just laughed all
that he could.

“You crazy old man. How
can a girl like me
believe, in a
world of so much tripe?”

He just held his sides
“Oh my poor, innocent love.”
He chuckled, holding me tight.

But I just frowned. Watched
him grapple.
“Forgive me, my sweet!”
He managed to speak,

“You can have my apple, if you like.”

The Development Of Heat.

Breathing is staggered, ragged

with anticipation

and desire ripples in the shivering

of skin.

There’s a pounding from within that awakens

a stirring.  A new kind of hunger.


Sweat glistens in the photograph that the brain

is taking

and there is more than one

way to bring it forth, from the dark room.

Create it.

Scorch the image on to memory

with flesh and fire

and flashes of pulsing excitement.

Now’s the time…

Develop it.





How do you do that?

Just one look,
One single look
and I’m naked.

I am afraid.

Afraid of your power,
Afraid of your eyes.
You see straight through me.

Into me.

And it beats.

My heart jumps.
That child with a skipping rope
trying to escape.

It’s intense.
A tension so tight,
Bound to your wrists.

And to mine.

And with that look
you touch me.
I shudder.

Your skin burns mine
and I’m breathless.


It’s raining.

You look me in the eye
and in that moment,
I’m yours.