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I took a tear from a 

pillow, planted in soil – come the morrow

We’ll have willows weeping

and standing 


I gave a handful of miss me

that you mistook for some kiss me

and now we’re staring

at mess of  both of us

we’ve left upon 

the carpet.

I dance too much, I have the steps  

but two sore, left feet 

Twirling in the kitchen whilst you

practise standing – making 

tea from the leaves

I like that you make it strong

but just not so sweet

and that is all I said

as you poured it over 

my miss me, kiss me

Leaving me alone

to clean


Plastic Heart

It won’t bleed if it doesn’t beat and so
can’t excrete what you are hoping for.

It doesn’t break if it can take a
smashing and remain unmarked.

It doesn’t matter, it won’t shatter if you
give it back, unwanted.

Because you can’t hurt a plastic heart

The Break Up.

You’re not even listening.
Oh, I’m listening just fine.

Don’t be like that.
Like what? You want me to give you the time
of day?
What did you say?

Oh you heard me right.
Look, I don’t want to fight.

So, you just want to hurt me?
It wasn’t my intention.
And yet no intervention!

I didn’t plan it, I…
I don’t want to know why!

Please just try to understand…
Let go of my hand!
Don’t touch me,
you disgust me!

I still love you.
Ha! Don’t you dare!

After all we’ve been through,

Yes and look what you do!

Get out of my sight.