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Drops of youth

Do you remember those days
when spring sprung from the snow
crevise and anything was possible?

Laughter lines lay dormant 
and only its sound left traces
of smiles in the air – carried on wings
to warm the coldest of hearts

We’d be running. Running or skipping 
and never felt the ache, save the one for the boy two doors down
whose years outnumbered mine own, leaving
him to see nothing but petals on a
pleated skirt
and puppy dog eyes. 

I breathe you in, like yesterday 

Perfume strained from flowers, yes…

I like the smell of all that


A Little Bedtime Story

Somewhere in the sky
nestled between the stars
that litter darkness with light,
is a watchtower.

A monkey and an organ grinder
wear military threads
and walk its perimeter,
Keeping safe
the gemstones of the earth
too bright for our eyes.

These gems knit maps
of lives and futures; needles
tap, tap, tap to the sound
of destiny –

Perfect maps travel
on the backs of sparrows,
tied with knowledge and
best wishes,
leaving trails of magic in the
bursts of wings.

The little
inconspicuous sparrow
delivers to the obedient
dormouse –
wrapping a tale of time
in a tail of strength

And watch him scurry;
carefully crafting a handover
from mice to men,
so that dreams may
at the end of sleep.