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Message In A Bottle

Look at that world, passing you by
as you sing the blues

Twelve bars – some nursing nymphos
and lonely hearts

Shot glasses, melancholic on the table
as smoke screens the deft art of

That same, old tune.




Is it the seeing in the believing
Or the belief that opens eyes?

The truth that brings a meaning
or the lies that keep it kind?

You said to write it up there
put my name up in the sky.

I etched it in the sand instead.
The tears swelled in my eyes.

The sea ate up the letters
and washed me all away.

And time will now forget her
Try again some other day.

So now I’m sat here waiting
for the tide to bring me back.

To make sure that I’m remembered
for all those little things I lack.

(Untitled Title)

I feel sad



I’ve been washed in it.

It stains, does sadness…

It’s hard to budge.