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All Hallow’s Eve

Unpregnant souls draw ghosts and ghouls
that young bereaved
and walk with fools whilst spirits, three
take couch. Retire.
Dream hideous fire.
For this is All Hallow’s Eve.

Perpend our quest; our defining hour
by which thou com’st, o’er wroght by power
for we mad dead are free to be
willing knaves of the darkest reign.

And such rapture vile, to the
absolute quaint. My wall-eyed
horrors, fear the pale-faced
brave and to
that end, will not forsake.

Now all is ours and we be Kings.
Heavy are those, that fortune brings
hell upon thy honesty.
So take heed my child, with all thy might.
For coiled are all, this Hallow’s Eve night.



I stand with
a coffee in hand,
Stealing its warmth.

It’s still cold in these parts
and I can see us,
Her and I.

We’re laughing at me
through the glass.

I can see you too.

You have scuffed shoes
and a Superman soul.             

And I?

I am a stranger
with the saddest of eyes
and a skipping rope.

You wave
whilst your feet
dance in puddles.

I remember you and
your electricity eyes
and I laugh.

But, she?

She keeps her hands
safe at her sides,
Just as I did.

She looks up
at the window
and sees herself.

Holding the coffee cup,
Stealing its warmth.

And we smile.