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Home is no longer where your heart is 

Too sentimental

Robotic kindness and mechanical smiles


Eyes alone, without denial

And I wonder

If I could change the game, the race

Would I bother? Would I leave this haunted place.

You know I get that beating rhythm in my ear

when I lie down here to sleep

It thunders through the walls and I am left in a thousand tiny 


Without you

This heart is no home without you

Since you changed the locks and gave away the keys


Plastic Heart

It won’t bleed if it doesn’t beat and so
can’t excrete what you are hoping for.

It doesn’t break if it can take a
smashing and remain unmarked.

It doesn’t matter, it won’t shatter if you
give it back, unwanted.

Because you can’t hurt a plastic heart

Simply, Love.

Be it imprinted on my soul

and leave me

branded for life,              

Than for it ever to be taken     

from me.


For I would rather carry

the scars of

loving you,

Than not know your love

at all.