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Doubting Thomas

Light up quick, she’s coming to get you

Here to tame you

Like some outlandish, little boy
down through the hallways
with scuffed up shoes and a mixed up, dusty soul

I came to teach you

I gotta reach you

Because I see a man of many flaws – dazzling
in perfect havoc 

Driving skirts and several whores around
like a sexed up phantom menace

With eyes electrical

and a delectable 

sense of spirit 


Love, Bottled

Do you dance through the evening 

with a beauty in your arms?

Perhaps those arms are feeling 

that bit colder

I remember all those nights – the wine

glass after glass and all that


as we strolled way past tipsy

And I still visit tipsy more than

now and then

And I find I still have myself 

a grand, old time

But it is only when I wander way down 

past that post, that I find you again

As I curl up on that same old sofa 

we so often did frequent

And there are moments that I meet you

through my own drunken demise

Other times, I hear you and your 

northern beats

Whispering real warmth – 


safely wrapped up in the dark

Tranquility. Contentment at its best

But when I wake and feel the sun

beating down on my hungover, bee stung 

eyes and remember

how you are somewhere now

Resting, without me

The feeling of the night before 

befits the feeling of right here

Without you 


I took a tear from a 

pillow, planted in soil – come the morrow

We’ll have willows weeping

and standing 


I gave a handful of miss me

that you mistook for some kiss me

and now we’re staring

at mess of  both of us

we’ve left upon 

the carpet.

I dance too much, I have the steps  

but two sore, left feet 

Twirling in the kitchen whilst you

practise standing – making 

tea from the leaves

I like that you make it strong

but just not so sweet

and that is all I said

as you poured it over 

my miss me, kiss me

Leaving me alone

to clean

Love is a Sinking Lifeboat

I have walked too far, for too many hours

Smiles along the road and yet

resisted all the powers they brought

to me

I  have walked alone

I have been caressed and I’ve cuddled up to darkness 

Braced myself for falls and then

carried on regardless

For me, it seems

easier alone.

But then there was you with your wavy, carefree hair

Your eyes were wild green like mine

Held my iciest of stares 

A tongue that tied my interest, you liked words and songs, you said

I’m sailing up the river

There’s some sunshine up ahead 

We could sail this route together

and then fall straight into bed

And tired, cold and crazy 

I climbed aboard our sinking

ship and left


my treading feet

Loving Definition

To watch eyes look upon
your own
as you quietly admit, with great conviction

There is not one single other soul in existence, more imperfectly
perfect to me

than you


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Decide on dice and draw
pistols at dawn. Warn
hearts of darkness and
remain just that – trapped
in existing, swallowing down and
resisting love; refusing to dance but
betraying for lust.
Trust in feeling –
disagreeing with dealings of
rational thinking, linking love and
life with hopeful dreams.
And no.
Life is not Disney
but we – you and me
are story tellers, all the same.

Rhythmic Blues

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I hate this beat, it reminds
me of sunsets.
Wet feet, covered in crystals
of sand as we stand at the edge
and look in.
Sin again – right there, only
caring about feeling the
feelings that wash over us in
waves – paving a future so bright
like the light that warms our skin.
It always begins with a kiss, this
kind of sacrificial bliss that
draws your mind blind against
what lies beneath, washing
up and over those sandy feet
once more, making them sore
and raw with a bloody tread
that stains the ground beneath