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Love Letters.

Nobody knows what breath
is breathed
in the quiet of thoughts – whilst
secret smiles are adorned
in the privacy of letters

Eyes that look upon a word
with wonder, flutter with the anticipation of others; a pair that
seem to see everything
but them

Silent kisses wash reality with the
art of calligraphy
curling up and over with the desire
to be more than mere ink

But ink and words and letters
stain paper like the heart; drying
with a resonance that makes
birds sing whilst
Lovers cry love, to love

Foolish lips drink and daydream
whilst hands perfect the
fountain pen, pouring out lust
and adoration
all over the page

in fits of uncertified madness

from nature, itself.


Catastrophic Lipstick

You know it, don’t you.

I’m about to possess you; work
your limbs, mouth
and every other part
with a strip of colour.

It will caress. Devour.
Make you succumb to
the deep secreted urges
that you bury below.

No more.

They’ll take flight,
dancing with Himeros
above our heads as
my tongue speaks
another language.

The language of catastrophic lipstick.

And as its lust penetrates
my skin, infecting me,
making my shadows
steal the light…

I’ll know it’s show time.