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You’re beautiful when you talk

with fire – warming me with those

blazing eyes

I appreciate the burning, knowing

all too well 

how it feeds you; how you 

would be just another broken, lost soul

if it ever went out


Uncurl Me


Cocooned in a safety

with the softness of a

thousand white feathers,

I lie awake in my sleep.

There’s a warmth in the colours

that shoot stars

in the mist of consciousness,

enveloping life

with a seductive smile.

The fingers of slumber

caress, trace duplicitous

lines along my spine,

arousing my voice forward

into light.

In the tangle of sheets, a


An awakening. Stirring hearts

stain stirring lips.

Heat washes over

comfort’s sands, with a kiss

like this…

So uncurl me. Gently

taking twilight’s time.

Just as the night has, the day,

open eyes.


How do you do that?

Just one look,
One single look
and I’m naked.

I am afraid.

Afraid of your power,
Afraid of your eyes.
You see straight through me.

Into me.

And it beats.

My heart jumps.
That child with a skipping rope
trying to escape.

It’s intense.
A tension so tight,
Bound to your wrists.

And to mine.

And with that look
you touch me.
I shudder.

Your skin burns mine
and I’m breathless.


It’s raining.

You look me in the eye
and in that moment,
I’m yours.