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Drunk Loins and Sobriety

Visions of forests – black trees
clasping hands of branches

You swim naked in
some stagnant pool

I watch and laugh

now the ground grows luscious – wild
flower like wildfire, littering
life with colour
as music flows from flying
angels – chirping

I could caress you
Make you undress me
Test me

But now it’s raining

and all I want is an umbrella
as I walk home through
with soaking wet hair


The Development Of Heat.

Breathing is staggered, ragged

with anticipation

and desire ripples in the shivering

of skin.

There’s a pounding from within that awakens

a stirring.  A new kind of hunger.


Sweat glistens in the photograph that the brain

is taking

and there is more than one

way to bring it forth, from the dark room.

Create it.

Scorch the image on to memory

with flesh and fire

and flashes of pulsing excitement.

Now’s the time…

Develop it.