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Home is no longer where your heart is 

Too sentimental

Robotic kindness and mechanical smiles


Eyes alone, without denial

And I wonder

If I could change the game, the race

Would I bother? Would I leave this haunted place.

You know I get that beating rhythm in my ear

when I lie down here to sleep

It thunders through the walls and I am left in a thousand tiny 


Without you

This heart is no home without you

Since you changed the locks and gave away the keys


Kiss Me Deadly

I like the feel of your lips
The way they tease and they tighten
the grip
on my soul
Lose control
I like the feel of your skin
Roll the dice, pour a
tonic and gin
and I’m yours
All yours
Take me down to that place by
the river
I like the way that you feel
when you shiver
and lock me in warmth I had never
considered before
Take me down, turn me on
get a glimmer
Just a taste of what I have to
I’m not wanting a half
I am whole and don’t need
It’s late
Kiss me deadly and I am all yours

In my bed

Here lies a soul
shoe laced with another
tied in love like laughter
and knotted now as one

Here lies happiness
reliant on a shoe lace
skipping different rhythms
and trying not to trip

Here lies error
at the tongue of one who’s talking
mistaking what is faultless
and fraying all the threads

So here lies hoping
that strength cannot be broken
meaning souls just keep on walking
and step by step

They find a pace

Love Your Bones

In the beat of wings, you visit here
and in sleeping hours
touch my face.

You sing a song – straight into me
vibrating love through bones
that have never known the shake.

Painted on paper, my skin brushes
with yours and locks life
before – out. In a single moment.

Because you are life.

Life that breathes beauty
in the burst of buttercups, building
bones with a music, all of your own.

And I am built stronger on melodies;
branches of verse stretch
through my veins and lift a heart
free of entanglement.

No longer strangled in cement.
Because you gave a gift one day
and decided to love my bones.

The Fizz Of Us

The moon wears a halo; an

angel winks through light

that smiles on

through the darkness.

This night of ours

is lit by dreams

and cobbled streets make music

seem inevitable

as we walk

like Merry Men, through a forest.

But trees are sparse – like sadness,

tonight; tears and fears

and anger –

all pulped into paper; leaving us

pages upon pages of space

to draw giggles in wine

and lipstick.

Pour out laughter and I

will drink it down, happily – because

there is nothing but

the fun fizz of us

in my stomach.

I sang a song

I sang a song and wrapped

it in feathers; dutifully delivered

it to your door, in the hope

to see you dance.

I decanted the contents in

harmony with a red bow

on my chest – left no note untouched as

lyrics fell out

all over the carpet; staining your fabric

with a glitter, in my eyes.

But mine are mine and yours saw


as you looked down upon my

creation; confusing double


with tunnel vision – no longer

hearing the music that I made

as you tossed down your own words

dipped in a sticky, sarcastic blood.

Blood of us

spattered over chorus and verses

subduing melodic love to silence.

I never expected to witness such

a massacre, here

on your doorstep

and have been doing my own dance

for rain

ever since.

The Mermaid

Dividing oceans have never been an issue
until there was you
and it is only now that the waves
crash with the thunder of my own
heart, that I wish
I were a Mermaid.

No amount of water would
keep me from your side
as I dance in symmetry
with the creatures of the deep
driving the force of my attraction
with a tail of love.

I would sing a call for
your ears only
breathing romance from
beneath the surface.
My lungs,
filled with a burning desire,
oxygenate with emotive charge.

And when I reach your shore
I will see with a
crystal clarity
that only a Mermaid can remedy adoration
from afar.

So yes.

Because of you…

That is my wish. As I sit
cross legged,
disappointed that my sea ones
aren’t stronger.


that such mythical beings remain
just that.