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Words On Paper

My boy, you creep inside my skin

You look so pretty

Unsure where you and I begin

and where you leave me

I feel rain

I feel rain

I feel rain, more’s the pity

See me drown in your campaign

No chance of winning

I feel pain, I feel pain, I feel pain

I am bleeding

Cocooned in your sweater, all bloody stained

lose, never leading

writing letters to fix the blame

it’s all the same

It’s all the same. I feel rain



I get a chill, when it’s quiet

missing shadows whilst counting


I think of you and wonder how you’re

doing – if perhaps, life is bowling cherries

or lemons

Do you think of me, too?

A surge of addiction 

A sadness dances when exhaling 

I think of you. Time and time again

(Untitled Title)

I feel sad



I’ve been washed in it.

It stains, does sadness…

It’s hard to budge.

Burn me.

Anger dissipates to
its original state
and I long for it to be returned
in a blaze of glory.
Come quick.
Give me that shot of indifference
that numbs the pain and allows
my heart to thunder with ravage fire.
The flames
much kinder than this
murky water,
I drown in now.
Come quick.
Come quick.
Burn me alive.