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Shadow of Sunshine.

You are but a shadow
and I stare at your silhouette
praying with a pencil; drawing
in the lines
where they used to be.
And you are all the more perfect
in darkness
as I draw in the memories, making
marks on black that
brought me light.
I should fight that, I think
as I see your smile
written in blood.
My blood. It’s mine.
I should stop that, I think – the
I’m bleeding.
But it is only in this sacrifice
that I can keep you here
in this place, next
to a gilt framed mirror
that shows me, my face
paler – day by day.


Plastic Heart

It won’t bleed if it doesn’t beat and so
can’t excrete what you are hoping for.

It doesn’t break if it can take a
smashing and remain unmarked.

It doesn’t matter, it won’t shatter if you
give it back, unwanted.

Because you can’t hurt a plastic heart