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Simply, Love.

Be it imprinted on my soul

and leave me

branded for life,              

Than for it ever to be taken     

from me.


For I would rather carry

the scars of

loving you,

Than not know your love

at all.


Lovers’ Lane

Confusing times,
No rule to rhyme.
Concoction of all that’s grey.

Where is my Love?
My flames in his.
Somewhere he sits and plays.

I hear him now
a dream away.
He smoulders by the shore.

But as I reach the water’s edge,
The music plays no more.

Down Lovers’ Lane
sun and moon clasp hands.
Gin sipped to pass the time.

His voice so clear,
A murderous ache.
To search and not to find.

I’ll wait a life
to see those eyes,
Dancing, flickering desire.

All that was
to a needle of death.

Never again to burn with fire.