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Tick tock, says the old clock
on my dresser as I
lie here and contemplate

Did it sound so different, back then?

Roses – blood red, tangled
in thorns

I, like most of us
like to remember the best parts – adoration
of lemon cakes and coffee cups, dressed in a pattern
all too pretty
for porcelain

The clink of them, with a spoon

My hands are a little bigger these days
and flourish flowers with pleasure

For there is now perfume in previous
if you look past pains and learn
to stop handling stems that
make you bleed

See petals, smell fragrance

Plant seeds


Summer Lovin’

I like swimming in the sea
when it’s raining

Fly a kite on the beach
as you watch over and
work out how to keep me

But I’m too busy wondering where
the wind will blow
to ever allow you my secrets

Drink sangria

There is always a tomorrow whilst
you’re breathing
and who knows

Perhaps I’ll stop for a while
and fill you in

The Present.

I give you the gift of

Now is all that I have – wrapped
in desire of both past and

Borrow whatever you require
but give it back
in time

because I can’t count a
without seeing your
hands…your face.

Stop the clocks.

No tick, no tock. A snapshot.

Just you; feeding birds.

Growing lives.

Religion For The Atheist

I come as the Messenger
to proclaim the word of your Lord.
Your God.

Forever with you; he will not desert you in your hour of need.

He is a healer.
And for all you non believers, I grant
you permission to put him to the test.

Because he will not fail.

The giver of life, providing his months
for your gestation;
allowing you and your children in turn, to pass through him.
To develop under his watchful eye.

He is all seeing.
There can be no secrets from his miracle
that is memory.
Divine truths, for each and every one of us. You and I.

He is stealth.
Operating in the shadows, continual
and constant, silently working. Always.

Ever changing, forward thinking and yet there,
at the beginning.
He is the beginning. And the end.

He is you.
The force behind your future self, making you
what you are
He is your future self. Your own evolution.

But beware.

You must be aware;

He is impatient;
Waiting for no one and his brother. He cannot take you
back and that fantasy will remain.
Just that.

He laughs at the present.
Stares it in the face and takes his glory. For he is nothing but a phantom of imagination.
Nothing but just past.

And he is cruel; all powerful. He can alter your perception.
A master of thievery; he steals what is wasted,
takes what you
think you can have,

He is tomorrow.
And if you are lucky, he will give you yours.

Because he is the end.
And the end that I speak of, is the end of you.

So take heed.

Time is your God…

Treat him well.