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There’s a hefty sleeping bag
resting here upon my back
I’ve got a bed that I can’t keep
too young to need much sleep

The sun is slowly settling down
and the roads are quieter now
There’s a guy with cowboy boots
and he says that I’m his muse

Arm wrestled – shook on a truce

Now we sit and await the train
And he asks if I’m the same, I say

‘What d’ya mean? In what possible way?’

Then he smiled and began to play
straight to my bones, that kind of way

He sang
You and I are wind
There’s nothing here but this
Let’s go see the sights

I whistled along
Never felt so wrong and yet so perfectly right

So now we are aboard
New found places, seas to trawl
as we say goodbye day

And hello night


Cestrian Nights and Parisian Mornings

I’ll be leaving my lovely city of Chester again, in the morning. This time, Paris is the destination.

There is absolutely no place like home, for me; this place is so full of charm and character; so incredibly beautiful. No matter where I’ve been or lived, this is where I am happiest. It’s just the best place at Christmas time. If you ever get a chance to visit, I promise it won’t disappoint. The North has just as much to offer as London….maybe more.

Anyway. As much as I love my cobbled streets, I’m beginning to get that creeping excitement; that thrill of travel. Paris is one of those places, that does that for me. I’ll take any opportunity to get over there.

I’ve been so busy all week, I’ve barely thought about it. I am yet to pack a bag and have a million and one things to do here tonight, before being up at the evil hour of 3.30am. Travel is the only time that I don’t mind such an early wake up call. The excitement overrides my disgust.

So, I’ll be having breakfast in Paris, tomorrow morning. This means that I probably won’t be posting anything here until I return. Maybe I will sneak you a photo…but if not, I’ll be back next Wednesday.

Enjoy your weekend…


…Amusez-vous, tout le monde!

à bientôt!