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I say

You write it

No – not like that, with conviction

Better. Listen

Rewind to the best part, you’ll hear my voice. That is not the best part!

Find it, scribe it, unwind it

God job.

You sound just like me


Me, My Voice and I

I’ve recorded an audio of my recent poem, ‘Send In The Clowns.’ (I tried to do that posh thing of making it blue so that you can click on it, but nothing worked and I was one step from launching this laptop through the window.)


Anyway.  Below is my poem brought to life,  if you like.  It’s just me,  reading what I wrote as I heard it in my head.  This isn’t something that I’d usually do as I think it’s nice for the Reader to give it their own feeling and to make their own sense out of it…but I was turned by a couple of posts, by another Blogger. (Again; I don’t know how to do the blue thing) had posted a wonderful poem called, ‘A Winged Dream’, both written and in audio and I was so fascinated with the difference in feeling that I had in first reading, then hearing it.

This is by no means the most popular of my poems, it actually didn’t do so well here but that is the exact reason that I chose it.

Give it a play, see what you think.  Did you hear it as I did?

It really does fascinate me, no end.   I bloody love words 🙂

Hope you enjoy. Oh and no picking on my voice.  Eddie, especially.

Send In The Clowns.

Roll up roll up!

your sleeves

Ladies and Gentleman!

The Circus is your town

you and I and everyone else.

Catch this                                     go!

and take it and run that tight rope

that we call life.

And don’t you worry, I still

have many thrills

and spills as I drop my loads

for your amusement

delectable dalliances with acrobatic

antics and the tears of a clown.

Yes!  Send in the Clowns!

Give them a burden or three,

such joviality!

unrequired by my Troupe

for the same lines, be etched upon their skin

under all that pretense and glory.


The Ringmaster beckons us forward,

A masterclass in the survival of

death-defying stunts is about to

erupt from the mouths of babes

and I for one

could do with that life lesson.

And another!  Take it!  Own it.


I am sick of being the Juggler!

This show has well and truly started

and you, my friend

are the Tamer of Lions.