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I wanted to write for you, a storm in a tea cup

Sum it up, wrap it up in a song
of three chords

but now it’s breezy and I’m thinking too deeply

I’m rarely concise

I hear you in symphony – a complex arrangement

Sending my own self deranged as I sit trying to unpick you

trying to frame you in my own style

I just can’t pin you, fathom it

How a stormy lass like me
finds calmness in the wordless sea of you


Love is a Sinking Lifeboat

I have walked too far, for too many hours

Smiles along the road and yet

resisted all the powers they brought

to me

I  have walked alone

I have been caressed and I’ve cuddled up to darkness 

Braced myself for falls and then

carried on regardless

For me, it seems

easier alone.

But then there was you with your wavy, carefree hair

Your eyes were wild green like mine

Held my iciest of stares 

A tongue that tied my interest, you liked words and songs, you said

I’m sailing up the river

There’s some sunshine up ahead 

We could sail this route together

and then fall straight into bed

And tired, cold and crazy 

I climbed aboard our sinking

ship and left


my treading feet

Burning Constellations

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Constellations can’t tell secrets –
revelations deeply secreted in stone steps
that weep as I walk upon them; wailing woes
with wetness and staining soles of shoes.
My soul mirrors sneakers – battered and bruised
but drowning in tears that cannot be told to another.
Imagine that – taking kindness from a light source long gone, like you
are now
No more, the sunshine that warmed my skin. And in
this darkness, amongst silent sorrow and whistling winds
I close my eyes and touch your face. A forgotten purchase of
pictures now passed, embrace with heart – giving stars the strength
to warm me.


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Time just taken
and granted a tint of perception – yours or mine or anybody else.
A connection.
Fine thread. Weaved in flesh
and thought and heart and
hate – dressed in flowers or fear or
heavy ache.
Just there, in the windows
behind the looking glass
Perfume – so sweet
you want to eat them
Lie awake at night and you scream them.
See them.
Yours to sew and live again
your secret stash
that we all keep.

Heavy Sleep

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Hurting hurt with hatred
Is only effective if
you can create but
I have no incantation nor
And so I pop it under my pillow
with a sprig of lavender
and lie as heavy on it as
it does me.

Shadow of Sunshine.

You are but a shadow
and I stare at your silhouette
praying with a pencil; drawing
in the lines
where they used to be.
And you are all the more perfect
in darkness
as I draw in the memories, making
marks on black that
brought me light.
I should fight that, I think
as I see your smile
written in blood.
My blood. It’s mine.
I should stop that, I think – the
I’m bleeding.
But it is only in this sacrifice
that I can keep you here
in this place, next
to a gilt framed mirror
that shows me, my face
paler – day by day.

The Blind

In darkness lies distance that
keeps me from you
but miles are made more manic
in your sleeping state

You rock inside a rolling brain
sifting through snapshots
of days that shower weight
upon your back

Lacking clarity of my own vision
and feeding on bleeding blood
that makes pale, your beauty.
Past pains poisoning -straining
Staining your smiles.

So chemical alliances draw science
into safety – find a haven in a place
that you can rest.

And I am watching you like a
like a gameshow – I sit and truly
scream the answers through your tv set

always hoping that you come up trumps
and win my eyes, the prize that is
yearning to be yours
If only you could see