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Doubting Thomas

Light up quick, she’s coming to get you

Here to tame you

Like some outlandish, little boy
down through the hallways
with scuffed up shoes and a mixed up, dusty soul

I came to teach you

I gotta reach you

Because I see a man of many flaws – dazzling
in perfect havoc 

Driving skirts and several whores around
like a sexed up phantom menace

With eyes electrical

and a delectable 

sense of spirit 

Night Smokes

Cosmic runner, stretching clouds – that’s how I see you, up there
jumping black and
lighting skies with
a gorgeousness
that makes me smile

I miss you, sometimes

I miss that face

Slice Of Soul

Bit of a dreamer, me – pillow talk
with a stranger or laughing

Love a story – live many, with worlds washing over and pouring out of pens


papering over cracks that seep through painted smiles, leaving
days to love, like nights to sleep

I don’t sleep much, me – do the dreaming in the sunshine

Awake in peace

Ode to Creativity (or lack of)

I’ve been trying to write all day and I’ve got nothing – just a song stuck on repeat, in my mind.

There are no words to  describe just how seriously it fucks me off. It’s like not having part of me with me…and that sinks my mood.

This week has drunk written all over it, I can tell already. 

Love, Bottled

Do you dance through the evening 

with a beauty in your arms?

Perhaps those arms are feeling 

that bit colder

I remember all those nights – the wine

glass after glass and all that


as we strolled way past tipsy

And I still visit tipsy more than

now and then

And I find I still have myself 

a grand, old time

But it is only when I wander way down 

past that post, that I find you again

As I curl up on that same old sofa 

we so often did frequent

And there are moments that I meet you

through my own drunken demise

Other times, I hear you and your 

northern beats

Whispering real warmth – 


safely wrapped up in the dark

Tranquility. Contentment at its best

But when I wake and feel the sun

beating down on my hungover, bee stung 

eyes and remember

how you are somewhere now

Resting, without me

The feeling of the night before 

befits the feeling of right here

Without you 

Ride Safely

It’s tricky. 

One second you think you have a handle on things; you’re riding at a good pace and enjoying the scenery.

The next?

You crash. Sometimes you crash and burn but either way, you are faced with the reality of either sitting at the side of the road – watching the same flowers grow and wilt…or you pick your sorry arse up and learn how to be a better rider.

I myself am the type to fall plenty, you could say I’m clumsy like that.  Pretty scruffy too but that’s just the way of it.

The thing is, I like riding. Riding fast. And although I’m a broken, tired mess with more scars and scrapes than a face my shape should carry…I feel pretty sure that the real trick is just getting right back on. 

I just need to remember to wear a helmet. 

Endless Possibilities

Because I have enough heart to

sail this night like a Pirate

and steal kisses, come the turn of

the final hour


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