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Love is a Sinking Lifeboat

I have walked too far, for too many hours

Smiles along the road and yet

resisted all the powers they brought

to me

I  have walked alone

I have been caressed and I’ve cuddled up to darkness 

Braced myself for falls and then

carried on regardless

For me, it seems

easier alone.

But then there was you with your wavy, carefree hair

Your eyes were wild green like mine

Held my iciest of stares 

A tongue that tied my interest, you liked words and songs, you said

I’m sailing up the river

There’s some sunshine up ahead 

We could sail this route together

and then fall straight into bed

And tired, cold and crazy 

I climbed aboard our sinking

ship and left


my treading feet

Bad Geek Alert

Whenever I write something of substance, I get this wave of what can almost be described as euphoria. I get overexcited and my adrenalin pumps a little and if I end up with company, I don’t shut up.

I just finished a piece (for work, not for pleasure) and it has given me that super geeky reaction. 

I already know it will take me hours to sleep tonight. My brain will be buzzing into the twilight hours and it will take until tomorrow for it to wear off. 

I know I am a proper geek but I love it. I honestly love it, it’s like my very own drug. 

My real passion in life.

And now I am off to try to peel myself off the walls.

Fortune’s Fool

Oh Romeo, Romeo…

It is only a belief system; a self fulfilling

prophecy that embeds at the

jugular – tangled ivy creeping, seeping

from the root

I know it hurts to swallow, my friend

The truth is often a sort of tonsillitis

infecting the very mortar between the 

bricks we build our hopes upon; the

blocks for blame, leaving skin

squeaky clean.

By we, I mean they: you and yours and

everyone else

Because I believe in nothing

and remain symptom free from 

destined plans and rested souls

You think that makes me foolish?


But, because of me


Evening calls.  I like the way

the sky looks as the sun

falls down, around the City.

There’s a boy wearing make up

and he looks pretty – drawing the scene

that slowly dissipates to black.

But it’s never real blackness, is it?

Just a temporary blinding that leaves

the mind free to see what

was shiny, before.

A Tom cat hissing, heckling my

dress for its colour.

It’s not what it seems, little one

Nothing is ever as it seems.

He raises a claw and I’m bleeding

Recalling my last tetanus

I hear screaming – the boy wearing 

make up, he’s seething

as the sun comes up before he could 

paint me in

Marry Me?

Close the door and

write me up in a letter

Draw me in with your eyes and take

me to the floor

We’ll dance – dance in shoes and 

sheets like we’ve never danced before

and I will give you a forever

for a little while 

The ring in your ear on a cold, Winter’s night

Right Hand Down

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I’ve broken the upper part of my humerus but let me tell you…there’s not much funny about it.

After falling down a flight of stairs, I am left sore and melancholic…missing the freedom of having all limbs fully functioning. Luckily I can type but my guitar is stuck on its stand and I have travel plans that this is going to hinder.

So this is me venting.

It’s raining, I’m feeling all sorry for myself and am thoroughly fed up.

Moral of the story, people – don’t rush down the stairs to answer your door, wearing cheapo socks.

Tea Break

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Drugs and leaves in a tea cup
telling fortunes for
I see muddy waters, littered
with seeds for planting, enchanting
hope and happiness – at least
for a time; dancing like
merry men in a forest
drunk on wine
It’d be a fine thing, I’m sure
If only I didn’t live in this
cobbled city
Pity for suburbia, drinking tea
to dream


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