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Chorus for Dawn

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Did you know
that I adore you?

Whittled skin, now within
the pages

that I write

Did you know
it’s nearly summer?

Time to sin, sink a gin
and maybe

fly a kite

I don’t know what makes a good song
but I have heart, it’s beating

I’ll sing a lullaby

Induced darkness – now you’re

and I’m alone, catching stars
and drinking

Colliding thoughts with

for the sun to rise


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Tick tock, says the old clock
on my dresser as I
lie here and contemplate

Did it sound so different, back then?

Roses – blood red, tangled
in thorns

I, like most of us
like to remember the best parts – adoration
of lemon cakes and coffee cups, dressed in a pattern
all too pretty
for porcelain

The clink of them, with a spoon

My hands are a little bigger these days
and flourish flowers with pleasure

For there is now perfume in previous
if you look past pains and learn
to stop handling stems that
make you bleed

See petals, smell fragrance

Plant seeds


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I wish you were leaving
like love on a push bike
and taking my old self

Riding the future
with my old spun kisses
stole from a drawer
and then framed

You talk of tomorrow
like you are all seeing
but I see the cracks
that you pave

So go ride with courage
I’ll give you some money
to keep me from me

Sunshine safe

Bright Days, Bright Futures

Keep your toe tapping
and you will find the beat
that suits your smile

Mine lies in line with warmth
on skin
as buds burst into colour – Providing perfume for my days

and spice for my nights

Summer Lovin’

I like swimming in the sea
when it’s raining

Fly a kite on the beach
as you watch over and
work out how to keep me

But I’m too busy wondering where
the wind will blow
to ever allow you my secrets

Drink sangria

There is always a tomorrow whilst
you’re breathing
and who knows

Perhaps I’ll stop for a while
and fill you in

Me, Myself and I


Something reminded Me of writing this, today. It gave Me the real kick that I needed, to sort Myself out.

Originally posted on Gin and Tulips:

That’s me, over there.
Looking at myself as I walk
through and see both of them.
We are us and make up
this unholy trinity.

Me is watching a documentary;
fascinated at the lion taking
down the buffalo with effortless
skill. Her feet are
content in huge bear-feet
slippers, with menacing claws.
She notices I and is

I am walking through the Sitting
as good as I can be. Rouge
lips and tousled hair. Lingering
cherry blossoms follow
the heels that will soon be
walking, to meet the man that
makes us all swoon at his feet.

Myself is aware of me but is ignoring
the eyes that desperately try
to catch her attention. I
make it easier for myself
by stealing the limelight
leaving her to hide in the shadows
in the corner of the room; thinking
thoughts that she will never share.

I yell at me…

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Unfruitful Thoughts

I don’t know how to make

so I suck them

and become more
bitter by the day


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