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Message In A Bottle

Look at that world, passing you by
as you sing the blues

Twelve bars – some nursing nymphos
and lonely hearts

Shot glasses, melancholic on the table
as smoke screens the deft art of

That same, old tune.



I am a victory

Strength in numbers, an algerbraic equation
that has no real solution, such as life

Life is a bowl of cherries
for a hedonist. For the rest of us
it’s sticky

Glacé, perhaps

Words on a postcard 

I want to combust and build up
someone new
Draw up the crystal sands and create
something. Feeling
Reeling in forgetting

The truth

You know me.
You know that I shift in sequences
You see me
And you know that I camouflage the
eyes, from searching. From hurting

For nothing

Rented Truth

I never knew fear like knowing a liar

It’s face – estranged from white washed

walls of reality. Black with filth

and line after line, again and again

Disgusting. It’s face is disgusting

and indifferent horror stares right at mine

every time I close my eyes

to sleep 


A clean page laughs

as my hands hurt and my pen cries

Bursting with blank glory – knowing that he describes, perfectly 

the emptiness that 


Home is no longer where your heart is 

Too sentimental

Robotic kindness and mechanical smiles


Eyes alone, without denial

And I wonder

If I could change the game, the race

Would I bother? Would I leave this haunted place.

You know I get that beating rhythm in my ear

when I lie down here to sleep

It thunders through the walls and I am left in a thousand tiny 


Without you

This heart is no home without you

Since you changed the locks and gave away the keys

Drunk on love

You taste of Rioja, in my dreams

and I stir – intoxicated by the 


Velvet – rich, red and inviting; warmth invading

Writhing in sheets, tangled in feeling 

I’m so dizzy.

Hands. Hands and skin and skin on skin

Mouths pour out pleasure and

scream the sun from its slumber as I

lose you to the dissipating darkness.

Closing my eyes, to sober up


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