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It’s hot and sticky – a viscous, Mumbai sunset 
complete with Bombay’s colours 

I heard it said that those smiles are the best

but yours, dressed here now in glistening sweat

beams like the sky of high noon

You’re California

and I, aware of my own London grey

am content to reply with Irish eyes, instead

In Sanity

I’m not like them
Are you like me?

I like interesting people

The people that often dislike people

Problematic, to say the least

I like my own company – no pretense

My world, not a stage, nor I
an actress

Not then – not in solitude

Just me.

My head is busy – I like that, it keeps me nimble, save the fidgeting

Tapping, dancing feet

I keep my back straight – happy for folk to talk freely behind it

Improving posture

Weak-kneed at times, I’m double jointed

Bendy and hyper

Mobile heart and soul, northern beats

I’m not like them.
Are you like me?

Perhaps we will feel like them, spending time away from them


The Tonic

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I’m always missing somebody
and exercising control – muscle flexing with a burn

A steady smile, you like it?

Drunk on laughter, wine sodden
with odd socks sleeping on my skin, sweeping the floor like they’re made for it

I sit cross legged with a tambourine
but it is you that shakes like you’re convulsing

Two left feet, twirling you in circles and me in contentment

To this wonderfully strange, new beat


You have a way

makes me want to slow right down
and taste the light
that guides a thousand ships

The brink of borrowed time
that we lend now, pretending
how we had ever loved another

How we are merely
vessels in the dark, anchored deep until tomorrow

Lying here
just two sweaty souls – the waves have now forgotten

Sails and guards and hearts
are loosened now
colliding into one and other

You’re beautiful. So very beautiful

and mine

Slice Of Soul

Bit of a dreamer, me – pillow talk
with a stranger or laughing

Love a story – live many, with worlds washing over and pouring out of pens


papering over cracks that seep through painted smiles, leaving
days to love, like nights to sleep

I don’t sleep much, me – do the dreaming in the sunshine

Awake in peace


I’m courage on the plains
Fighting unsung battles
that only I can lose or win

Saluting to the pain

When that cold of winter seeps through
I’m sinking in the swim

But in shadows, there are shaplings
and I’m trying for the best
to create colour

Speak volumes

Remembering all the time
how it’s best to forget

Small Talk

Don’t talk small to me – I want

ships at sea and the tall tales of Sailors, Tinkers

who travel through their time

Give me secrets

whispered through the fabric of 

pillows; your ocean floor thoughts.

Fill the space between us with

planets and theories; give me oral 

that leaves me breathless

and needing to be captivated

time and time again