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Shadow of Sunshine.

You are but a shadow
and I stare at your silhouette
praying with a pencil; drawing
in the lines
where they used to be.
And you are all the more perfect
in darkness
as I draw in the memories, making
marks on black that
brought me light.
I should fight that, I think
as I see your smile
written in blood.
My blood. It’s mine.
I should stop that, I think – the
I’m bleeding.
But it is only in this sacrifice
that I can keep you here
in this place, next
to a gilt framed mirror
that shows me, my face
paler – day by day.


Conversations With Claude #4

So come on then.


You said it was time.

Oh yes, right. So let’s start at the beginning.


The concept of flying is simple:/-



Why can I hear you?

You have ears, my dear.

No, I mean…why me? Why only me?

I can’t answer that.

You could at least try.

Well…maybe they could hear but don’t.


You could think upon it…as a gift.

The Pigeon Whisperer.  Lucky, lucky me.

So ungrateful:/-

I’d just have preferred x-ray vision or:/-

Really, can you not just be happy with what you have?

I’m ecstatic.

I can see that.  Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, you know.

Oh, just get on with it.

As you wish!

I wish.



Go on, then!

Yes, yes. Keep your knickers on, I’m building up to it!

Build faster!

Do you understand the concept?

Of what?

Of flying.


Really, what do they teach in schools, these days?



Get. On. With. It.

Right. So. Imagine I have a badger on my back.

Are you taking the pi:/-

Stay with me, Dear. Imagine the badger.


Could I take flight, with said badger, on my back?

Is this rhetorical?



Right. He would weigh me down, making it impossible for me to soar through the treetops, at one with the:/-

I get it.


So…what has this got to do with me?

You need to lose your badger.

Excuse me?

Lose the badger.

I haven’t got a fucking badger!

Now, listen here, young lady:/-

Oh, forget it.

Wait!  You need to lose the badger! Baggage! I mean baggage! You need to lose the
baggage that weighs you down!

Why didn’t you just say that!

I like metaphors…

What are you looking at?

Incredible, Claude.

Thank you!

It was definitely not a compliment.


So what’s my badger, I mean…baggage?

You need to work that out by yourself.


Think about it.

I’ve got nothing.

You have plenty. A full set, actually.

Of badgers or baggage?

Definitely both.

Oh, can’t you just tell me!

I could…but it doesn’t work like that.

Why not! Be a rebel!

Absolutely not, don’t be absurd. Me a rebel! Honestly,  I can’t believe you just:/-

Alright, alright! Jesus! I’ll do it myself.

That’s the spirit!

Isn’t it. What about a hint?



Get rid of the badger.


I mean it.


You’ll not even try, will you?

Probably not.

You really are impossible! I don’t know how I got lumbered with this, this really is the last time I ever; Well come on then!


I’ll take you.




You’re getting right under my feathers,  so let’s just get this done. I really haven’t got the patience for:/-

I’m annoying you?


I’m annoying you? I’mannoyingyou. I’m. Annoying. YOU!

Oh, wait up; Claude! Slow down, where we going?

Badger culling!

Did you just crack a funny? Claude! Did you just; Wait!  

Oh, be quiet.  And get a wriggle on!

Coming, wait; I’m coming! Ha, Claude! Wait for me!

And I ran behind him, struggling to keep up; ready to take down my badgers…whoever or whatever they might be.

**This is the fourth in a series of ‘Conversations With Claude’ – you can find the previous three on G&T homepage.

The Present.

I give you the gift of

Now is all that I have – wrapped
in desire of both past and

Borrow whatever you require
but give it back
in time

because I can’t count a
without seeing your
hands…your face.

Stop the clocks.

No tick, no tock. A snapshot.

Just you; feeding birds.

Growing lives.

On saying nothing

Sometimes I have nothing to say
Nothing of any relevance
or beauty, anyway.

Some say silence says it all
but then break it with
knowing tongues.

Mine –

A muscle of no such strength
to partake
in the forsaking
of quiet.

But then, that said, what if
I am wrong?

Is to be strong,
Learn nothing from the
and spout
a thousand ill words
that leave
ears, battered and bruised?

I’ll sit here surrounded
by the emptiness

Try to work it all out.

Pandora’s Guilt

There is a moth

beating its wings inside of the lampshade.

I watch it haunt me from up there,

Perspiring the need for absolution

until I vomit regret

with a violence

of the Earth at present.


As I shake with a torment of ages

it continues to tink-tink and flicker,

casting further shadows on my

shattered soul.

In the early days I was hopeful

for a remedy

but that was the sweet scent

lingering in the air.

My final escapee.

I tried to catch them, extinguish them all .

Every single, last one.

But tears of desperation evaporated in

the flames that should

never have been given.

They were of a speed that mocked


dividing like cells, intent on poisoning.

The aids of the world of then;



mutating life before my eyes.

And so I stopped. Admitted defeat and

indulged in weary desolation.

Began to observe my creation

every affliction, a wound upon my


It was with unprecedented sadness

that I watched them spread, spoiling

the beauty of my beginning.

And I was that, before then.

Before the whispering brain

boiled over in lunacy,

spasms of interest

paralysing my conscience

until I was gripped; possessed by it.

You see,

I am a map of scars

for your world of pain,

Learned all too late


curiosity kills more

than just cats.

And for my part in that,

I grieve.

The Merry Go Round.

I ride a horse

with crimson feathers

and you kneel in the


patiently watching

me ride

all Godiver and no


Shocking that you

should see a dismount

at such a speed

as we are at,

merrily going



to the sound

of an organ

that plays us.

Again and again.

Physically perplexed.

My friend Newton
had a theory
that clearly
I’d fallen for you.

I told him
how science scared me.
That words were what
I was about.

He said it’s not
just physicality.
Explained the force of gravity.
Attraction and its pull.

”But I don’t want to fall.”,
I told him,
and he just laughed all
that he could.

“You crazy old man. How
can a girl like me
believe, in a
world of so much tripe?”

He just held his sides
“Oh my poor, innocent love.”
He chuckled, holding me tight.

But I just frowned. Watched
him grapple.
“Forgive me, my sweet!”
He managed to speak,

“You can have my apple, if you like.”