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I am a victory

Strength in numbers, an algerbraic equation
that has no real solution, such as life

Life is a bowl of cherries
for a hedonist. For the rest of us
it’s sticky

Glacé, perhaps


Morning has broken.

Awaking violently from life 

in floral fresh bedding

Red raw eyes dry the scenes of

yesterday and her brothers

leaving space for warmth to crack

the panes of glass

wrapped in a safety of linen

How foolish was I? 

Viewing worlds cemented in time, like a movie; replaying again 

and again 


There is dew on the window cill 

and milk on the mat, just like before

yet everything is different 

just as it should be

wrapped in clean sheets of perspective 

served with strongly brewed tea 

Colour Me In

Paint me in watercolours

to see the true haze

of my affection.

Pastels refuse to blend easily.

Charcoal: too black

on white.

Take your time to brush

real beauty,

putting down the pencil – no rehearsals

no lines.

Just colour me in.

Restore my picture,

stroking turquoise and crimson and buttercup

yellows forward.

To bring me life.

Gamble Anonymously.

Dealt a bad hand

by a cheat

A hand that left her weak

and scratching under the table, for

lost riches and dreams.

A smoke packet – scrapped

scratched on the back

The Rules.

She was taken aback by the writing

beautiful scrawl made

exciting by a different hand.

A new hand.

She put the words in her pocket –

stained her heart, through the fabric

Made a map. Found it –

A Fresh Game.

She played this hand with hands of knowledge

Went to college

Won it.

Bought her own table

made of marble

and drank champagne.

The drink rests upon that table, marble

adorned by the coasters

of her first hand

The Jokers.

Who’s laughing now? A smile upon her face.

Some Music For Your Sunday

I am in love with this man. There is nothing more to say.

I Don’t Like Chat Up Lines.

“Get your coat, you’ve pulled.”

Pulled what?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Do you?”


“Know what you mean.”

“Erm. Yeah.”

“You don’t sound so sure.”

“Oh, I’m sure, alright.”

“So I get my coat. What then?”

“We could go to my place. Or yours. I don’t mind, I;/”

“What then?”


“What then? Once I am at your place. Or mine.”

“We could get naughty.”

“What do you class as naughty?”

“You know.”

“Do you?”



“Stop mucking me about.”

“Why am I?”

“Because you know exactly what;/”

“But I want to know if you do.”



“Know what!”

“You know…”

“No I don’t know!”

“You don’t?”


“Didn’t think so.”


“Now we know.”

“Is that a no?”


The Merry Go Round.

I ride a horse

with crimson feathers

and you kneel in the


patiently watching

me ride

all Godiver and no


Shocking that you

should see a dismount

at such a speed

as we are at,

merrily going



to the sound

of an organ

that plays us.

Again and again.