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Learned Vision

I like that climb of
the ladder – the
first brush of intimacies
with another soul

Scoping life
through lenses
is never quite so raw

So fresh

Beginnings are best
when blind – fumbling through
the darkness, guided only
by what’s given
up for you

Lighting a face in whispers

candles of truth
flicker in the night and
all of a sudden, you


Booked Up For Lunch

You can’t stand ignorance
but spell it incorrectly.

Thirteen books on the table, stating the fact.

Open their pages to
own the words.  Make them dance
the Foxtrot.  Do the Fandango with a Cha-Cha-Cha


dripping in true, unadulterated English
staining the cloth.  Burning wisdom into wood.

But you won’t understand
whilst they are wrapped.


Playful eyes on a Playboy cover
stare up
from the bathroom floor

She knows. And laughs


You can have that one for free.

There’s a cure for indigestion.  Go to the table
find your place.

All you have to do
is eat.