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It’s in the black, you visit me

As I cocoon, you emerge
and plague me like aching teeth

I dance – an ancient, wrapped for the afterlife

but there are no beautiful adornings here

Just skin and thoughts, naked and raw

In a tangle of sheets


Waking Beauty

You look so handsome
when you wear that smile – the one
unfolded in the folds
of sheets
as I open my eyes

Consideration of keeping us
creeps with the beat of rain
at the window
and I am tempted to watch you sleep
for a time

Perhaps it is a fear of falling
that finds my feet wrapped
in the leather of boots; firm to the floor
before I quietly close
the door on contemplation – leaving
memories on your
as a note, goodbye

Heavy Sleep

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Hurting hurt with hatred
Is only effective if
you can create but
I have no incantation nor
And so I pop it under my pillow
with a sprig of lavender
and lie as heavy on it as
it does me.

Uncurl Me


Cocooned in a safety

with the softness of a

thousand white feathers,

I lie awake in my sleep.

There’s a warmth in the colours

that shoot stars

in the mist of consciousness,

enveloping life

with a seductive smile.

The fingers of slumber

caress, trace duplicitous

lines along my spine,

arousing my voice forward

into light.

In the tangle of sheets, a


An awakening. Stirring hearts

stain stirring lips.

Heat washes over

comfort’s sands, with a kiss

like this…

So uncurl me. Gently

taking twilight’s time.

Just as the night has, the day,

open eyes.