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Pretty Little Lie

I once knew a story so well

that I loved it; willingly enchanted 

by the sweet scent of deceit

that made my heart sing songs 

with a hypnotic beat – based

implicitly on duplicitous stammerings; hammering 

tiny smiles in pockets

of pain. I fed it, I fed it

and I fed it – this beast; I, no more

than its vessel

Its contents so indisguishable with mine own

that a solution was created – to hate 

dispicable truths

and smile through tainted fables

until the time came to admit defeat 

and write a line or two of

my own



Crystal tears shatter

my very existence.

Blissful ignorance,

the only gift.


Why mock these blessed days?


To speak your ugliness

would only offend

and tarnish their lustrous beauty.


Leave now.


Turn your back on righteousness.

Such bleak honesty

unrequired for warped contentment.




Take your truths with you.


These lies are mine.